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Sports Therapy

Body and Mind Training



Learn the principles of Mind Meditation and how to feel the Body and the signals it continually emits back to you. Mindfulness is exteremely effective in managing anxiety and Depression.

Sports Therapy

Injury assesment, diagnosis and rehabilitation. I offer a full support programme to patients involving not only treatment but ongoing exercise programmes to prevent future issues.


I offer a combination of Traditional massage techniques, Thai Yoga and Trager Therapy all adding up to my individual approach.


Re-align and Re-energise with the Pilates Method. Exercises are based around connection from a strong "core" creating a more Balanced Body, less prone to Injury.

Online lessons via Zoom also available please click the link below for info

About Pete

Pete Roberts is a fully qualified Sports Therapist and Body/Mind specialist with almost 20 years experience.


He has overcome severe Spinal health problems and continues to help clients through their own challenges or indeed anyone wishing to lead a fuller, more self-empowered life.


He is the author of the book “The Organic Back Book” and presenter of the DVD “Pilates unplugged”

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